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Guacamole : Avocado Dip Recipe

garnish with smoked paprika and serve

Guacamole is an avocado based dip, which is a part of Mexican cuisine but now days this delicious dip is enjoyed by almost every part of the world. Avocado is not a very famous ingredient here in Ajmer where I live; accidentally I found this versatile creamy ingredient at a street food shop at Pushkar. So I am really excited to share this recipe with you all. It is a very simple recipe all the ingredients for guacamole recipe are so common. Avocado dip recipe tastes so good with chips, nachos and also in burgers, sandwiches.

Using ripe avocado is perfect for guacamole. I have also garnished this dip with smoked paprika you can use cyan pepper as well. This quick dip recipe is healthy, no cooking is required and of course delicious...

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Chickpea Cutlets Recipe

Serve hot crispy chole cutlets with mint coriander chutney or curd.

Chickpeas are rich in fiber, vitamins and iron. In Middle East and India it used in curries, salads and many more dishes. Here is one of the best starter recipes made with chickpeas. This easy chickpea cutlet recipe is a quick and tasty appetizer. This one of the best cutlet recipes for kids is perfect for parties and get together.
Crispy chole cutlets tastes best with curd and mint coriander chutney. Here is step by step snacks recipe, which can be followed by novice cooks also. Try this chickpea cutlets recipe at your home make it as starters or serve as party appetizers, this recipe will surely temp your taste buds.
Let us have a look at the ingredients and recipe for crispy chole cutlets:
Preparation Time: 6 hours (for soaking chickpeas) + 15 minutes.

Cooking Time: 15 minutes.


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Cheese Stuffed Crispy Aloo Tikki Recipe

Aloo Tikki is a North Indian Street Food, which has so many variations. I have made Crispy aloo tikki  with boiled potatoes, peas. Aloo Tikki or Potato Cutlets is a shallow fried snack. Cutlets are served hot with tomato sauce or  mint coriander chutney. Here is a cheesy version of this crispy aloo tikki recipe. Here you will get secrete of making crisp cheese stuffed tikki or cutlets.

Get this crisp from outside and soft from inside Cheese stuffed tikki recipe and make it at home as a starter or tea time snack. Get step by step Cheesy cutlets recipe and ingredients with images. I hope that you will also enjoy making this Crispy aloo tikki recipe on special occasions like birthdays or get together at your home. You can also use baking or air frying instead or shallow frying in this p...

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Khasta Dal Kachori Recipe


Kachori is a popular Indian snack, which is basically a stuffed puff pastry. Dal or lentils are used as stuffing for the famous Indian kachori recipe. In India green or white lentils are used for stuffing for kachaudi. Kachori, kachoudi or kachauri are very popular especially in Rajasthn and Uttar Pradesh, but in every part of India you can find a different variant of special dal kachori recipe.

Kachori can have stuffing made either of green lentils, white lentils, coconut, green peas or khoa, which is similar to ricotta cheese. Kachori is made in both sweet and savory flavors. Generally special dal kachori recipe is served with coriander chutney or tamarind sauce. Urad dal khasta kachauri recipe is served piping hot but it tastes delicious at room temperature as well. Famous Indian kachor...

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Special Mini Samosa Recipe


Samosa is a popular Indian snacks recipe. Traditionally Samosas are fried triangular shaped Indian puff pastry which is stuffed with potatoes and peas. Samosa is basically a tea time snack, but once you learn how to make Indian samosa, you can enjoy it at any time. Samosas are very popular street food, which is available with a number of variations in every part of India. In Veg samosas the filling is made of potatoes, peas and pomegranate seeds with a tangy, spicy flavor, whereas in non-veg samosas filling can be made of cooked shrimps or keema. Samosas are served piping hot, with sweet and sour chutney.

Here is popular Indian snacks recipe especially for parties. I have made this potatoes and Peas samosa recipe, which I call mini samosas, because of its shape...

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