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Hello and welcome to www.flavoursblend.com

Flavours’ Blend is your online cooking companion. Here you will get step by step description of the recipes with images, which makes the method easier to understand. As the name of the website suggests, all the recipes on this site are perfect blend of delicious flavours. From breakfast to various courses, drinks, snacks, quick recipes, easy meals and party appetizers, best recipes with delicious flavours are posted periodically.

Not only Indian recipes but recipes of different regions of the world can also be found here. Here are the recipes are cooked in home kitchen using the best ingredients. We also have taken care of the measurements of the ingredients, so your recipes also come out best. At Flavours’ Blend you will get to know about interesting facts and cuisine in our Article Section.


#1 Aakanksha Soni


I am aakanksha soni, a 21 year old engineering graduate and a foodie. Cooking is not just a hobby, it is my passion. I believe “You are what you eat”. I wanted to tell people that cooking is fun, so I found the platform of internet the best. It feels amazing, when you see your loved ones enjoying the food that you’ve cooked. I am the cook and photographer of the website. I love taking pictures of food that I eat and cook, it is a total fun.

From cooking for this blog, I am learning lots of new things and experimenting a lot in my home kitchen, and of course following my passion.

#2 Dheeraj Jain


I am Dheeraj jain a 21 year old engineering graduate and also a food lover. I work behind the scene of Flavours’ Blend. I am zealous about blogging and website development. I have developed this website and my tasks include management of the website and all other technical stuffs. From this website I have faced new challenges and as it is said “Learning never ends”, I am learning a lot from this work and enjoying it too.

I hope you will enjoy cooking with us! Feel free to share your home cooking experiences.