Spiced Hot Chocolate

cinnamon hot chcolate

I was craving for hot chocolate for so long, but I don’t like flakey and too sweet chocolate milk, so I thought of making and intense and dark hot chocolate milk recipe. I have added mixed spices in this easy chocolate milk recipe. To make smooth hot chocolate recipe I have slowly blended the chocolate milk until creamy and smooth. Try out this quick spiced hot chocolate in winter evenings I am sure this comforting dark hot chocolate milk will be a treat for you.

Add some marshmallows in the creamy chocolate milk recipe and pamper yourself, I bet you will make it again and again...

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Chinese Chili Potato Recipe

Garnish and serve chili potatoes

Chili potatoes are crispy fried potatoes in a spicy sauce of ginger, garlic, green chili and soya sauce. Chili potatoes are Chinese preparation but it is popular in India as well. From fine dining restaurant to street food chili potatoes are served in various version. Here you can discover spicy starter recipe with secret of making Crispy chili potatoes.
This recipe for chili potato wedges is easy to cook recipe, which is perfect for parties, starters and even evening snacks for kids. Here I have made chili potato in gravy, although there is dry version too but I think it tastes better this way. People say that fried potatoes become soggy in gravy but here I will tell you how to make crispy chili potatoes recipe which will be crispy from outside and tender and hot from inside.

Make this Ch...

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Guacamole : Avocado Dip Recipe

garnish with smoked paprika and serve

Guacamole is an avocado based dip, which is a part of Mexican cuisine but now days this delicious dip is enjoyed by almost every part of the world. Avocado is not a very famous ingredient here in Ajmer where I live; accidentally I found this versatile creamy ingredient at a street food shop at Pushkar. So I am really excited to share this recipe with you all. It is a very simple recipe all the ingredients for guacamole recipe are so common. Avocado dip recipe tastes so good with chips, nachos and also in burgers, sandwiches.

Using ripe avocado is perfect for guacamole. I have also garnished this dip with smoked paprika you can use cyan pepper as well. This quick dip recipe is healthy, no cooking is required and of course delicious...

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Eggless Chocolate Chips Cupcake

sprinkle powdered sugar and serve eggless chocolate chips cupcakes

Cakes are perfect for every occasion; I think one needs no occasion or special reason for baking and having cakes. And those lovely little cupcakes, these are so enticing and delicious. Here is chocolate chips cupcake recipe, which is simple to follow, with a few ingredients. This basic cupcakes recipe is eggless yet the cupcakes will come out soft and light.

Baking is combination of science and art, some are afraid of it but it is fun and you can prepare so many delicious recipes in your oven. Here I am sharing my secret recipe for eggless cake, I am curious to know how you like these little beauties. Share your experiences here in comments, send me pictures of your cupcakes, I would love to listen to your feedback...

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